Coming Soon: Travel to Mars!!

Thanks to our grant from the SIA Foundation and our friends at Purdue EPICS we will be unveiling our newest exhibit in the very near future: Travel to Mars! This exciting exhibit features two exhibits!

Exhibit 1) A functioning Mars Rover built by students at Purdue University as a part of EPICS. You can see the rover today–he’s a little too excited to meet you so he’s taking a time out until he’s not so hyper that he climbs the walls (literally, he’s climbing the walls so they’re tweaking his code–if only it were so simple with kids! Am I right?)

Exhibit 2) a full-featured, Alienware driven, Enterprise-grade HTC Vive! In other words, not only a cool virtual reality set up, it’s a super powerful one that will make even your biggest geek friends freak out! So what’s that mean in English? Check out this video for a peek at one of the games our guests will be playing in the coming weeks.