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  1. To Whom this may Concern
    Hello, my name is Brenna Ryan and I’m the Programming Executive for Purdue’s Chapter of College Mentors for Kids. I am so excited to reach out to you and your organization in the hopes that you will consider leading an activity for our students at some point this semester.

    If you haven’t heard about College Mentors for Kids, here is a quick snippet of what we are all about! We connect outstanding college students with children who need an older, positive influence in their lives. Each college mentor is paired one-on-one with a child from the Lafayette community and a strong relationship is built between them. The children visit Purdue University’s campus once a week and get a close up view of what higher education entails and the benefits of furthering their education. Throughout the year, these mentees will be exposed to new opportunities in higher education, community service, and culture & diversity which will inspire them to create a vision for their future. Aside from the classroom, we strive to improve the mentee’s self-esteem and behavior, while guiding them to overall success in their future. Of the 245 kids ages 1st-6th who participate in the program, 84% come from poverty or low-income homes. Although these kids are labeled as “at risk”, all of them are capable of success and just need some support along the way.

    Students from various schools come to campus Monday-Thursday each week. Elementary school (1st-4th) activities take place from 3:35pm-4:45pm and Middle school (5th-6th) activities take place from 3:50pm-4:50pm. Our activities begin the week of January 29 and continue through the week of April 23. Activities will generally be for groups of 10-15 little buddies along with their mentors and group leader. The presentation should include an informative portion and 2-3 hands-on activities. This structure allows students to learn and solidify their knowledge at the same time.

    If you are interested in helping out, please email Brenna Ryan at to learn more and/or set up your activity! Thanks again for considering our request, and we hope to hear from you soon!

    Brenna Ryan
    Programming Executive | College Mentors for Kids

  2. Imagination Station! I am in the process of moving back to Lafayette and am interested in employment opportunities. I love what you do!

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