Demonstrations and Activities


Imagination Station offers many STEM demos and hands-on activities.  Our demos and activities make a great addition to your field trip, birthday party, or other special events!


Pricing: $50 per demo or activity (some exceptions exist for materials bought in units, see * below)

What’s the difference between a demonstration (demo) and an activity?

  • Demo

    • Shorter (10-15 minute) demonstration of scientific principles.

    • Tailored to the age and scientific background of the audience.

  • Activity

    • In-depth, interactive and hands-on experience (20-30 minutes).

    • Individual participation experiments, creates, and builds with the guidance of trained staff or volunteers.

    • Tailored to the age and scientific background of the audience. Ask us about how we can tailor our activities to fit your educational needs, including educational goals for classrooms that meet Indiana state science standards and merit awards for scouting organizations.

We also offer off-site visits within Tippecanoe County. These carry an additional charge of $25 per visit, in addition to demo/activity price, to cover transportation costs and staff time. For off-site visits outside of Tippecanoe County, contact Imagination Station.


Available Demonstrations

  • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream* – We use liquid nitrogen to make a tasty treat for your group!

    • Learn about: Kitchen Chemistry.

    • Served in batches of 20 servings. Additional batches can be added for an additional fee.

    • Note: Liquid nitrogen ice cream is safe when done in a controlled environment with trained staff.  Out of an abundance of caution, we do not recommend this demonstration for guests with asthma. Fruit pops can be provided for guests with dietary requirements if we are notified in advance.

  • Soda Explosion (Outdoor demo only) – Using soda and mints, we make an epic explosion of chemistry and physics!

    • Learn about: Chemistry, physics, gas and pressure.

    • Notes: In the case that an age-appropriate audience member is asked to help with the demonstration, they must wear safety goggles as required.

  • Model Rocket Launch (Outdoor demo only) – It’s 3-2-1 lift-off with this fun demo.

    • Learn about: Forces, propulsion, engineering


Available Activities

  • Mini Greenhouses – How do greenhouses help plants grow? Find out by making your own greenhouse.

    • Learn about: Plant biology, gardening, thermal energy

    • Recommended ages: 5-10

    • Duration: 25 minutes

    • Notes: We may use sharpies to decorate our greenhouses. Plan clothing choices appropriately.

  • Dry Ice Rockets – We harness the special properties of dry ice to learn about gas pressure and propulsion!

    • Learn about: Gas and pressure, the phases of matter, propulsion.

    • Notes: Dry ice explosions are perfectly safe when done in a controlled environment.  Participants must wear safety goggles and protective gloves as required. This can be quite noisy!

  • Slime Lab – Everyone makes their own personalized putty which can be taken home.

    • Learn about: States of matter, and what makes polymers so special (and fun!)

    • Notes: Food dye is used. Plan clothing choices appropriately.

  • Straw Rockets – How do rockets make it all the way from Earth to Outer Space? Make your own rocket and learn how NASA conquered gravity!

    • Learn about: Forces, propulsion, engineering, spatial skills

    • Recommended ages: 4-8

    • Duration: 20 minutes

  • The Science of Tie-Dye* – We help your kids make their own tie-dye shirt to take home with them.

    • Learn about: Color and dyes.

    • Unit provides 7 shirts (kids sizes medium and large) and dye. Additional shirts can be added for an additional fee or groups may bring their own freshly laundered white shirts.

    • Notes: Dye will stain hands and clothes. Activity will be done outside if weather permits. Plan clothing choices appropriately.