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Demonstrations and Activities


Dry Ice Bubbles

Imagination Station offers many STEM demos and hands-on activities.  Our demostrations make a great addition to your field trip, birthday party, or other special events!


Pricing: $70 per demo or activity (some exceptions exist for materials bought in units, see * below)



  •  PH "Potions" Experiment - Our "potions" activity teaches about the PH scale and demonstrates different PH levels with a "magical" color changing "potion."

  •  Use household ingredients to visually see different PH levels and learn about the difference between an acid and a base.  

  •  Learn about chemical reactions by mixing different substances together to create a foaming reaction. 

  • Elephant toothpaste  

  • Combine hydrogen peroxide, yeast, and soap to create a chemical reaction that produces a large foamy mess that looks like toothpaste.   

  • Learn about yeast, oxygen, and chemistry! Children can play with the toothpaste afterwards as a sensory activity.  


  • Slime Lab – Everyone makes their own personalized putty, which can be taken home.

    • Learn about States of matter and what makes polymers so special (and fun!).

    • Notes: Food dye is used. Plan clothing choices appropriately.

  • Dry Ice Bubbles– We harness the special properties of dry ice to learn about gas formation!

  • Learn about Gas and pressure and the phases of matter.

  • Notes: Dry ice is perfectly safe when used in a controlled environment.  Participants may opt to wear safety goggles and protective gloves, which can be provided. Some versions of this activity can also get noisy, so prepare accordingly!

  • 3-2-1 POP - This activity is a simple but exciting demonstration of Newton's Laws of Motion.

  • Students construct a rocket powered by the pressure generated from an effervescent antacid tablet reacting with water.       

  • Caution! Loud Noises

  • The lesson plan we use is from NASA STEM Engagement


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