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Vinod Sagi's Teslas

Named after Nikola Telsa, the inventor who pioneered alternating current (how power companies transport electricity to your house), the Telsa Motor Company is the largest builder of electric cars in the world. But what are they like to drive? Vinod Sagi tells us in his interview!


Vinod Sagi is a Hoosier who until very recently lived in West Lafayette. After a visit to Tesla's Gigafactgory in Nevada, Mr. Sagi decided to build a house that would have zero impact on the environment! This house is under construction in Indianapolis and will soon be featured in news pieces (and maybe in next year's HOT!)

360 Tour of Vinod Sagi's two different Tesla models

!! Important !! Click on the three-dimensional shape in the upper left-hand corner for a better view !!

Interview with Vinod Sagi about why he owns Teslas and what they are like to drive

A 2:30 video where kids help kids learn about electric cars. Best for all ages.

A short, 1:20 video for all ages showing how fast the newest Teslas can go.

A short video, just over 1 minute long, showing the Gigafactory being built. Good for any age but best if someone can read some text.

An 8:45 video about the history of electric cars best for older kids and adults.

A 9:00 video about the Tesla Gigafactory for older children and adults.

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