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Imagination Station Hands-On Transportation Partner Contract

This Participating Exhibitor Partner Contract is between ASSET Inc doing business as Imagination Station and Exhibitor Partner for the 21st Annual Hands-On Transportation Event an in 2022. Exhibitor understands that Hands-on Transportation is a fundraising, non-profit, family-oriented event for the sole benefit of Imagination Station and this Contract is entered into in this spirit. In exchange for valuable consideration, the adequacy of which is hereby confirmed, Exhibit Partner affirms as follows:

Collection of Images and Video and Permissions

  1. Staffed at All Times: The Exhibitor Partner will provide at least one staff person on-site while any Imagination Station staff or volunteers are with Exhibitor Partner property. Sufficient staff will be provided to ensure the safety of the Imagination Station staff or volunteers for the purposes of collecting images and video.

  2. Exhibitor Partner agrees that, if Exhibitor is entitled to the display of its name, logo, or other trademarked images or item and if Exhibitor Partner wishes Imagination Station to do so, Imagination Station has permission to display that name, logo, or other trademarked image or item in a manner not inconsistent with notifying visitors that Exhibitor Partner has sponsored Hands-On Transportation.

  3. Exhibitor Partner agrees that it will provide any logo or trademarked image or item to Imagination Station at least three (3) days prior to the event.  In the event that Exhibitor Partner fails to provide an approved image, Imagination Station will simply list Exhibitor Partner’s name.

  4. Exhibitor Partner agrees that Imagination Station shall have the right to utilize photos and recorded images of the vehicles and persons made available by Exhibitor Partner.  Exhibitor Partner agrees that Imagination Station may retain and use the photos and recordings for any manner not inconsistent with Imagination Station’s mission, in perpetuity, unless and until Exhibitor Partner provides written notice of withdraw of permission to use those items.

Hold Harmless Clauses: 

  1. Indemnity: Exhibitor Partner hereby agrees to hereby indemnify and shall hold harmless (including reasonable attorney's fees) Imagination Station, and its officers, agents, and assigns, against all liability to Sponsor Partner or to third parties arising from participating in the Hands-on Transportation fundraising event.

  2. Risk of Loss/Liability: Exhibitor Partner assumes all risks associated with participation in the Hands-on Transportation, including, but not limited to, property theft and damage, personal injury (including death), property damage, and any other risks associated with Exhibitor Partner booth.

  3. Liability for Employees: Exhibitor Partner assumes all liability for actions of its employees, agents, and assigns, for any property damage of personal injury caused by photo and videdo collection activities with Exhibitor Partner property.

  4. Indemnification–Legal Action: Exhibitor Partner obligation to indemnify Imagination Station will apply to any action brought against Imagination Station as a result of Exhibitor Partner participation in the Hands-on Transportation, regardless of when that action may be brought.

  5. Liability Insurance: By signing this Indemnity Agreement, Exhibitor Partner warrants that it carries appropriate Liability Insurance for the activities Exhibitor Partner conducts at the Hands-on Transportation.


  1. Cancellation of Event: If Hands-on Transportation is canceled for any reason, this contract will become void, with no further obligation by either party. 

  2. Disclaimer of Warranties: Imagination Station makes no warranties regarding the fitness of the space assigned to the Exhibitor Partner, the profitability of the booth, or any other warranty concerning the participation of the Exhibitor Partner in the Hands-on Transportation.

  3. Guarantee of Space. Virtual event space is limited; space will only be guaranteed if the signed Contract is provided before the deadline stated in this Contract.

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