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Add a video of you or your staff talking about how awesome your mode of transportation is!


Things to keep in mind:

  1. You can do this with your smartphone! No professional equipment is necessary!

  2. The target audience is young, so we are looking for videos that are 1-3 minutes long. You can submit more than one video!

  3. Because the target audience is young, we ask that you keep in mind that the video is for a child.

  4. Please leave 2-3 seconds or more pause between each spoken line both the questions and the answers.

  5. Please record somewhere with decent lighting and without much background noise. 

Questions: Please answer the first question and choose 2 or more of the following questions to answer. These are here to help you, you do not need to answer all of the questions and you can add your own questions! 

  • What is your name and what kind of mode of transportation do you have?

  • What does your mode of transportation do? How does it work?

  • What is your favorite thing about this mode of transportation?

  • What is the coolest thing about your mode of transportation?

  • How does your mode of transportation help others?

  • What is unique about your mode of transportation?

  • How did you get to work with this mode of transportation? What sort of career path did you take?

  • Who uses your mode of transportation?

  • Where was your mode of transportation designed or built?

  • What about this mode of transportation is unique to Lafayette, Indiana and/or Purdue?

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