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Beginning in 1985, when a small group of entrepreneurs got together in Lafayette, Indiana, to improve how semi-trailers were designed and built, Wabash National Corporation led the technological breakthroughs that now support the largest fleets in North America.

From DuraPlate composite panels to advancements that make trailers more aerodynamic and fuel-efficient, Wabash National continues to drive innovation in our expanding product portfolio.

Serving a growing field of industries—including commercial transportation, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, biotech and many others—Wabash National businesses work beside customers to solve specific business challenges. Today, our diverse product portfolio offers a wide array of high-performance solutions, ranging from commercial transportation equipment to advanced composite materials.

The same passion for innovation, continuous improvement and customer relationships that drove our early success is still our foundation. No matter what we manufacture, or where we manufacture it, we share a united spirit and culture. Adapted from the Wabash National Website


Wabash National

Tour a trailer that carries 80% of the milk we drink and see the range of products offered by Wabash National from trailers to clean rooms.

!! Important !! Click on the three-dimensional shape in the upper left-hand corner for a better view !!

Learn about how Wabash National carries 4 out of 5 cups of milk you drink!

Videos from around the Internet

A 2:00 video for young children about semi-trucks.

A 3:00 video and song for kids about why we have so many names for these trucks.

A 6:00 Promotional video about who Wabash National is, what they do and their factories. 

An 8:00 video for young kids on the various parts and functions of a semi-truck.

A 6:30 infographic video that is highly informative on the history of trucking (but has no spoken words).

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