Hands-On Transportation


A young guest checks out a fire hose at the 2017 event.

Hands-on Transportation is Imagination Station’s award-nominated, unique, hands-on experience for kids of all ages. Featuring vehicles of a range of shapes and sizes, children and their families get to explore a range of unique and exciting modes of transportation from ones they see every day but never get to get near to ones they only see on tv or the movies. From fire trucks to monster trucks to helicopters and more, Hands-on Transportation is a unique event sure to delight the whole family!

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Why it matters:

Henry Poor Lumber engages a young guest at the 2016 event.

Since 2001 Imagination Station has arranged Hands-on Transportation for the Lafayette and West Lafayette community. Over the years, thousands of people have delighted in the opportunity to pull air horns on cement trucks, levers that lift trash cans on trash trucks and to suck up bowling balls in giant sewer sucking vacuum at the event.

Not only is the event popular with and important to children and families, but it is also a favorite of the exhibitors who volunteer their time for the event as well.  Past volunteer exhibitors from area companies have ranged front line workers to Vice Presidents of Fortune 500 companies. Volunteers routinely come back year after year to what many have described as one of their favorite events of the year.

For Imagination Station, Hands-on Transportation serves as the non-profit’s largest fundraiser of the year enabling Imagination Station to provide this region of the State of Indiana’s only science center for families. Focusing primarily on children 3-10 and their families, Imagination Station ignites young minds for science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning and helps prepare them to enter the rich ecosystem of science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers and academic opportunities. Hands-on Transportation is an important way for the science center to engage customers, raise funds and provide a safe, exciting, unique event for the whole community to enjoy.

How you can help:

Exploring a bus at the 2018 event.

Learn more about becoming an exhibitor or a sponsor by downloading the Exhibitor Packet found here.

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Email Philip (Imagination Station Executive Director), Brian (Event Chair) or Emily (Imagination Station Operations Manager) with questions, comments or to volunteer.