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EMT Food Truck

Selling food street-side dates back to the late 17th century when living conditions were cramped and many people did not have the resources to cook their own meals. Vendors sold food from small carts or street kitchens, and the practice has continued throughout the world, especially in urban areas. 

As of March of 2019, IBISWorld estimated there are more than 23,000 food trucks in the U.S. doing about $1 billion worth of business annually. Growth from 2014-2019 is estimated to be 6.8%. Because state and local regulations vary among states, food trucks may be more popular in some areas than others.


Amber Davis began her search in the spring of 2012 for an ambulance to convert into the emergency munchie truck. After several exhausting months of searching for one that was "just right" she stumbled upon a food truck for sale in Pennsylvania -- and it was actually a converted ambulance! She figured it was meant to be, so she hopped on a plane to PA and began her 600-mile journey back home! Over the next few months, she and her team put a lot of hard work and love (and even some bloodshed) into transforming her new food truck, Munchie.

 -- adapted from the EMT Food Truck website

Learn more about this amazing and tasty truck!

360 Tour of the EMT Food Truck 

!! Important !! Click on the three-dimensional shape in the upper left-hand corner for a better view !!

Interview with Amber Davis, owner of EMT Food Truck

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How to build a food truck from scratch

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