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Tippecanoe Farm Bureau Farm Inc and Combine

Nancy and Roger Verhey and sons Cody and Clayton own and operate Verhey Swine Farms and are members in Tippecanoe County Farm Bureau Inc, a unit of the Indiana Farm Bureau Inc. Their farms produce cattle, swine, corn wheat and soy. They sell their grains to the local division of Tate and Lyle to convert them into food. 

The Verheys and Tippecanoe County Farm Bureau Inc are regulars at Hands-on Transportation and great sponsors of the event year after year. 

In a typical year, the Verheys bring a tractor to Hands-on Transportation, but this year they were thrilled to share one of their combines/harvesters! The workhorse (literally, the first combines were pulled by up to 20 mules!) of the grain and vegetable industry, a combine is too big to drive to Hands-on Transportation. Imagination Station is thrilled to have them part of this year's virtual event! 

Farmers like the Verhey's are crucial to the health of Hoosiers and the economy of Indiana. With more than 80 percent of land in Indiana devoted to farms, forests and woodlands, agriculture in Indiana creates an estimated 189,000 jobs and contributes an estimated $31.2 billion to Indiana’s economy. In fact, Indiana is the eighth largest agricultural exporter in the nation, exporting just over $4.6 billion in 2017. Tippecanoe County plays a huge role in this. The Indiana hardwoods industry has an annual economic impact of over $10 billion--Purdue University is a leading researcher in Indiana hardwoodsAdapted from

Indiana Farm Bureau Inc, Indiana’s largest general farm organization, was founded in 1919. Then known as the Indiana Federation of Farmers’ Associations, the organization was formed by farmers who were determined to work together to solve the problems of low commodity prices and a diminished farm labor force. Today, Indiana Farm Bureau's purpose is “to be an effective advocate for farmers, and through its policies and programs, promote agriculture and improve the economic and social welfare of member families.”

The basic unit of Indiana Farm Bureau Inc is the county Farm Bureau organization, which exists in each of the state’s 92 counties. Each county Farm Bureau has an elected board of directors and officers to conduct the organization’s business.


360 Tour of a Combine in Tippecanoe County

!! Important !! Click on the three-dimensional shape in the upper left-hand corner for a better view !!

Interview with Roger Verhey about working with Combines and a video of his combine in action!

A 9:00 the family should enjoy about how a combine works.

A 6:00 video for kids about life working on the farm!

A 4:30 video for young kids about harvester tractors and a problem that they can encounter.

A 30:00 program made by John Deere for kids. Set to music. 

A 1:30 video on the history of the combine--best if someone can read to younger viewers.

A 1:30 minute video about how many of Tate and Lyle's ingredients you use in a day.

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