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Cars and Race Cars

Since 1886, when a man named Carl Benz applied for a patent for his “vehicle powered by a gas engine,” automobiles have been central to our lives. Whether they are circling the most famous race track in the world at 230 mph, taking us to an event in style, or just taking us to the grocery store, few things are more for transporting Americans than the automobile. Check out our range of cars in this exhibit!

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Museum

Vinod Sagi's Teslas

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Videos from around the Internet

Learn how a gas engine works in this short, 1-minute long, video for all ages. 

A simple, 3-minute long video for kids describing how a car is built. 

Featured Video: This short video from Lafayette's own SIA Factory will put a little love in the heart of anyone. 

A 2-minute video about the first-ever automobile, the 1886 Carl Benz motorcoach.

An 8-minute video about the history of the automobile.

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