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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are aircraft with no on-board crew or passengers. They can be automated ‘drones’ or remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs). UAV’s can fly for long periods of time at a controlled level of speed and height and have a role in many aspects of aviation.

The first pilotless vehicles were developed in Britain and the USA during the First World War. British’s Aerial Target, a small radio-controlled aircraft, was first tested in March 1917 while the American aerial torpedo known as the Kettering Bug first flew in October 1918. Although both showed promise in flight tests, neither were used operationally during the war.

Drones now have many functions, ranging from monitoring climate change to carrying out search operations after natural disasters, photography, filming, and delivering goods. -- adapted from 'A brief history of drones'

Aaron Zimmerman of Lafayette first became interested in drones when his son got a toy drone. Since then he has used drones at the engineering firm he works at and has started his own drone business specializing in agricultural uses, photographing events (like Hands-on Transportation!) and real estate. Check out his video to learn more!



360 taken by drone above Imagination Station

!! Important !! Click on the three-dimensional shape in the upper left-hand corner for a better view !!

Interview with Aaron Zimmerman about drones and their uses around Lafayette

3:00 video for all ages that explains what a drone is.

3:00 video fo all ages by The Travelling Scientist about how a drone flies.

Featured Video

A 1:00 video set to music of drone footage of Downtown Lafayette in 2014 by JacKlink Productions.

An 11:00 video about the toy-grade drone Aaron recommended in his video, the Tello. $99.

A 25:00 video of drone footage with music over New Zeland (no spoken words).

Videos from around the Internet

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