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Unique Modes of Transporation

Some vehicles are more unique than others. From cars built for a TV show or the movies to houses built to be on wheels to study the air we breathe, just because something is unusual doesn't mean it isn't amazing, fun, and often times helpful. Then there are the vehicles that make tasty food. But vehicles for people aren't the only things that are transported. Below you'll find a range of videos talking about other things moving around, from massive ships to the air we move through to the very cells in our bodies, transportation is everywhere!

Tiny House (7 of 12).jpg

zEDGE Tiny House

A house and a laboratory on wheels

Fiberglass Freaks Batmobile


Triumph Motorcycle

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Videos from around the Internet

How do rockets work for kids. 6:30 minutes

Air France takes you on a one minute tour of unique ways to get around.

Featured Video: Learn how plastic granulate is transported through the Lego factory and transformed into Legos! 8:30 minutes

An 8:35 crash course on the transportation of heat, formally called, heat transfer. Watch this video for school-aged kids and be better prepared than most freshmen engineering students!

A 7:45 video on how cells move around the body for school-aged kids and adults.

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