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Working Vehicles

Since the invention of the wheel, we've relied on vehicles to help us get the job done. In this exhibit, explore vehicles large and small and even ones that drive themselves that help us move our things, get stuff from the store, have a nice sidewalk to walk on, dig holes, fill holes and even bring us the milk we drink.


This week's featured exhibit is the Tippecanoe County Farm Bureau Combine!

Caterpillar and MacAllister Machinery

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Purdue's Platooning Trucks

Wabash National

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New for Week 2 of HOT!

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Check back next week

We're adding new exhibits every week

Videos from around the Internet

A 9:22 second video by USPS that touches on almost every form of freight transportation

A five-minute video for young kids about how a product is shipped from one place to another

Featured Video

Learn about JTRP, Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Transportation's 105 year old partnership.

A 2-minute video about shipping containers, trucks and making them more effienct.

A ten-minute video for older children and adults about how freight trains connect the world. 

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